With great emotion, Xuxa receives tributes from artists in the program

Image: Reproduction/Social networks

In honor of Xuxa Meneghel’s 60th birthday, the program Altas Horas at dawn this Sunday (12) received a series of artists who sang classics by the Queen of Baixinhos. Among the invited names were Glória Groove, Wanessa Camargo, Lexa, Daniel and actors Silvio Pereira and Jennifer Nascimento.

With many tears, the night was marked by strong speeches by artists who had Xuxa as inspiration. The first to perform, Drag Queen Glória Groove took the opportunity to talk about how accompanying Xuxa’s work led her to believe in her own dreams. She also pointed out the importance of the singer for the drags.

“I speak for all drag queens when I say that, without Xuxa, we wouldn’t do half of what we did. Not to mention that we wouldn’t have countless references in fashion, art, music. Eternal gratitude”, she said. actor Silvio Pereira told how Xuxa and the Paquitas were a milestone in his life, especially during his childhood.

In his account, Silvio told how he used to dress up in secret to dance and how he was afraid of being judged for it. Agreeing with Glória’s speech, he commented on the strength of Xuxa’s influence in his life. “I’m not RuPaul’s offspring, I’m Xuxa’s offspring. Our RuPaul is Xuxa”, he said, moved.

Among the classics performed during the program were songs such as “Doce Mel”, “Arco-iris”, “Who wants bread”, “Lua de Cristal”, “Mark an X”, “Planeta Xuxa”, “Ilariê” and “Abecedário from Xuxa”. The thank you speech was repeated by all the artists who honored the Queen of the Little People.


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