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See how your feet are going, CD + DVD by Lazarito Valdés and Bamboleo Photo: Taken from the director’s Facebook

Who who has listened to the interpretations of the Cuban popular music orchestra Bamboleo, which for 25 years was founded by the pianist, composer and arranger Lázaro Moisés Valdés Rodríguez (Lazarito Valdés) have not lost their feet after enjoying the excellence of his themes and orchestrations and his Cubanness, in any of his presentations?

And it is that, as the musicgrapher Emir García Meralla affirms in the record notes of his most recent production Look how your feet go: «… the Bamboleo timbera orchestra continues as vigorous as that distant night in 1996 when it was baptized at the Palacio de la Salsa, aware that in each port a dancer awaits it …».

In that “constant challenge to life, to luck, to immortality,” as García Meralla assures, Bamboleo has left an imperishable mark on the history of Cuban music, which can be seen in the CD + DVD that this Friday, November 19, the Bis Music label, from Artex SA, makes available to all dancers from Cuba and the world on its digital site and on the Cuban music platform Sandunga.cu.

With the musical direction of Lazarito Valdés, the musical production of Valdés himself and Bismarck Ochoa Abad, recorded at the dBega Studios, in Havana, by the engineer Carlos de la Vega …., Look how you the feet go gives away 13 juicy songs plus the oppening 25th anniversary of Bamboleo, among which are: At I download, your chocolate, even without you, a medley of hits from Bamboleo, and works by other composers.

The audiovisual production was carried out by the experienced music producer and director, José Miguel García, with a vast and successful professional career in both specialties, since the CD-DVD It is the result of the concert with which Bamboleo celebrated its 25th anniversary at the Karl Marx Theater.

For this laudable endeavor, Lazarito invited three essential singers of contemporary Cuban popular music, icons in the history of this musical formation, by integrating this orchestra at different times in their lives that is as good at playing timba as jazz, bolero and song. among others. They are: Vania Borges, Haila María Mompié and Tania Pantoja. Lazarito also invited Emilio Frías “El Niño” and Alain Daniel to the album.

These three women meant so much in the history of Bamboleo that its director recognizes today that without the presence of at least one female representative at the forefront of its formation, there is no Bamboleo. The same happens with the line of metals.

A renewed Bamboleo but faithful to its history and public, with a lot of young blood in its current formation, under the accurate direction of Lazarito Valdés, is ready today for, once we fully return to normalcy —after the pandemic has passed—, go out to the I roll “to give it my all in the sand” with his people and followers on the planet … to see who does not lose their feet.

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