With Manoel Soares and Kond, ‘Papo de Segunda’ premieres on GNT next Monday (13)

Full of news, the 14th season of “Papo de Segunda” is about to premiere. From the 13th, the journalist and presenter Manoel Soares and the producer and music entrepreneur Kondzilla will join the already experienced Francisco Bosco and João Vicente.

Manoel, who is from Bahia and is currently co-host of “Encontro” on TV Globo, will reconcile his participation in both productions and does not hide his expectations and enthusiasm for joining the quartet.

“My expectations are learning. The people who are there have been on a journey of changing their worldview and influencing other people’s worldviews for at least eight years. So for me it’s been a great joy to connect with them, because everyone who is participating I admire in different fields of life”, says Manoel.

Kondzilla, on the other hand, with years of a very successful career in the music business, working for the appreciation of funk, will venture out as a TV presenter for the first time.

“I am very happy with this invitation, the people who always work behind the scenes, with creation and production, now I will be able to share a little of my view and my perspective on various topics. It will be the first time that I will talk about subjects that are probably not part of my production routine. Let’s chat, shall we? I’m very excited and very happy. I hope you enjoy it too.”

On the air for eight years, Papo de Segunda reinvented itself over time, always bringing to the debate a look at the behavior of contemporary society. The oldest member of the group, João Vicente, who has been on the program since its inception in 2015, talks about the importance of changes and bringing different voices to the attraction.

“My experience at Papo de Segunda has been getting better and better. I think it’s a great privilege to have a job where you’re forced to learn more and more, and that’s what I do at Papo. About the new formation, the expectation is very good”, she opines.

Francisco Bosco, who bears the affectionate nickname of the group’s ‘teacher’, reinforces Papo’s new airs with the arrival of Kond and Manoel.

“My expectation, or better yet, my wish, is that the new formation can work both inside and outside. Because one thing is linked to the other. The program’s success is due to the friendship and intimacy between the presenters. This transmits good affections to the public and allows us to speak freely about themes that are often sensitive, in a cultural context that is very sensitive”, he concludes.

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