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After a reaction in the final stretch of Serie B, Vitória generated enormous hope in its fans, who started to believe in the club’s permanence; last round will be tense in Barradão

Celio Junior/AGIF - Vitória players celebrating Neto's goal.
© Celio Junior/AGIF – Vitória players celebrating Neto’s goal.Celio Junior/AGIF – Vitória players celebrating Neto’s goal.

The Lion had a golden chance last Monday (22) to stay even further away from the risk of falling to the third division, but for that, he would have to beat the CRB. But with the defeat 3-1, the Bahian team goes to the last round depending on a victory and stumbling blocks from their direct opponents in the fight for permanence in the second division: Londrina and Remo, who will also take the field this Sunday.

Vitória is in 18th position, with 40 points conquered, and in order not to be relegated to Series C of the Brazilian Championship, they need to win their match against Vila Nova and hope that their direct rivals, Rowing (16th, with 42 points) and Londrina (17th, with 41 points) lose your matches. It is worth remembering that even winning, the Lion can fall if the Remo only draw their game against the already relegated Confiança, at home.

Still, with all the adverse situation, coach Wagner Lopes said he will believe in Vitória’s permanence at all costs and that the objective is to beat Vila Nova in the last round, in a game scheduled for next Sunday, 28, at 4 pm, in Barradão. All matches in the round will be played simultaneously.

“Of course we will believe until the end. My obligation is to tell the fans that we are working at the limit. We are doing everything in our power to guide in the best possible way, to take responsibility. I am responsible. So we try to guide the athlete, give all the conditions. We are in a situation where we need to root against, but we need to do our part. This is our speech. Seek to win in a home game and wait for the results to happen “, said the technician.

According to calculations by the Mathematics Department of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), Vitória has 91.2% of chances of being relegated to Serie C. Londrina has 76.8% chances and Remo 32%. The difficult mission against Tigre from Goiás will be next Sunday (28), at 4 pm, at the Manoel Barradas stadium (Barradão), in Salvador, for the 38th and final round of the Brazilian Series B Championship.

“Our team was tough. It lost, but it lost fighting. It lost in pursuit. Even with the entry of the boys, they tried to attack, they tried to create situations. As long as there is a 1% chance, let’s go to work. If the other teams lose, there’s still the possibility of a victory for us at home. It’s fighting for the results to happen and for us to play a good game on the 28th at home, against Vila Nova,” said Wagner Lopes.

With 40 points and in 18th position, the team led by Wagner Lopes must necessarily beat Vila Nova, in addition to rooting for Londrina and Remo not to win their games, against Vasco and Confiança, respectively. Both Vitória’s direct competitors will also play at home in the last round of the Brasileirão Serie B 2021.

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