"With our freedom, we risk harming others" believes Christian Léonard, director of Sciensano

“Together for freedom” is the name given to this Sunday’s demonstration, which brought together around 35,000 people in the streets of Brussels. This rally aimed to challenge certain health rules imposed by our authorities such as the Covid Safe Ticket. The demonstration began calmly but subsequently degenerated causing extensive damage and causing several injuries among the police. To take stock of the health situation and decipher the tensions and divisions in our society, QR the news received Christian Léonard, director of Sciensano and Olivier Luminet, member of the psychology and corona task force.

CST, liberticide?

The CST is not an all-risk insurance, explains Christian Léonard. “The CST, plus the mask and stuff, all of this leads to reducing the risk of contamination.” And for all those who criticize the liberticidal character of the CST, the director of Sciensano believes for his part that individual freedom only has meaning if it is confronted with others: “With freedom, you must associate the word responsibility. Currently , it should be understood that with our freedom, we risk possibly harming others. It is the conception of a liberal philosopher of the 19th century who said not to harm others, is the limit of my freedom “.

For Olivier Luminet a deep dichotomy has taken hold in society with the feeling that some are individualists and that others act in solidarity. But for the psychology task force member and Corona, things are much more complex. “Vaccinated people sometimes have the feeling of being protected from everything, while they still have a responsibility. We must qualify the debate and stop its frontal oppositions between vaccinated and unvaccinated, individual and collective freedom …”

The UCLouvain psychologist recognizes that the CST is certainly not perfect but it guarantees a certain autonomy and a certain freedom since with a test, one can practice a certain number of activities. “A shift towards compulsory vaccination for all would remove this window of freedom and autonomy which is fundamental for each of us”.

Rules without logic?

For Olivier Luminet, we have been in a rupture of logic since the month of October: “There is too much back and forth like on the mask for example with also inconsistencies between regions. It has created a lot uncertainty and instability. We must come back to longer-term visions with threshold logics “. In addition, the psychologist from UCLouvain explains that the population is still ready to make efforts, but if they are not too costly at the social level, such as ventilation or wearing a mask.

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