With praise for Cristina and Kicillof, Martín Guzmán made a fiery defense of his management: "We continue working to get Argentina out of economic anguish"

In the presentation of the draft of the Hydrocarbons Law and amid rumors regarding the change of cabinet, the Minister of Economy Martin Guzman defended his management and the measures taken by the Government in the context of the pandemic. The explanations come after the overwhelming defeat of the ruling party in the elections PASO 2021. Minutes later, he was backed by President Alberto Fernández.

“This law is part of the logic of continuing to build an Argentina with more opportunities, more production, more work, a Argentina with less anguish and more predictability for all sectors. To begin with, for all our people, that is what we aim for, and also for productive activity, spending decisions and investment decisions, “said the head of the Palacio de Hacienda.

“In order for the economy to sustain its growth, it is very important that the growth of the domestic market is accompanied by greater dollar generation that allow us not to collide with situations that destabilize us on the exchange front. That is the Argentina that is being built. Today Argentina is on that path ”, he highlighted.

After the setback in the legislative primaries, Guzmán stressed that the official agenda was worked on jointly with Congress, where 15 economic laws were approved since the beginning of the mandate.

“Energy is key and is part of what has generated problems of macroeconomic instability throughout our history. Axel (Kicillof) knows it very well because he did a lot to be able to solve the energy decline that Argentina had been going through, which stopped and was reversed only for two years, between 2013 and 2015, based on the strategic role that he played YPF based on the Energy Sovereignty Law, ”Guzmán emphasized, in a nod to the current governor of the Province of Buenos Aires.

The minister pointed out that the Government had to manage the double crisis economic and sanitary no credit local or international. “In this context of notable scarcity, lack of instruments and exhaustion, restlessness and anxiety, a work of define priorities taking care of our people, to health and the productive and social fabric so that we can go from a stage of exhaustion, anguish and restlessness to one of opportunities, predictability and tranquility “, he reviewed.

Although he considered that Argentina is on that path, Guzmán conceded that there are still “enormous challenges forward ”and“ much to do ”. Among them, he mentioned the indebtedness with the IMF, which he described as one of the most serious issues facing him. “Not a single one of the US$45.000 millones that were taken to effectively improve the productive capacity of Argentina ”, he said.

“We were faced with this when designing the Budget Law for the year 2022. We did the math and, if we had to pay the $ 19 billion next year of capital that expire next year, what should we do? That would mean that instead of having 2.4% of the GDP of public works investment, there should be 0% ”, estimated the person in charge of the economic portfolio.

He also indicated that to pay that amount it would be necessary to make a huge fee, reduce productive credit and the budget for Science. “It would mean an Argentina with a brutal drop in activity and a destruction of opportunities ”, summarized Guzmán, while confirming that this Wednesday he will send the budget project to Congress.

“U.S what we do is solve problems in a very difficult context. Each of the issues we address, we do with a very clear compass: see how we can improve people’s lives, listening and adapting from it, “he defended.

Wink to Cristina Kirchner

In the midst of rumors about internal members of the Frente de Todos, the Minister of Economy took the opportunity to praise a passage from the Vice President’s speech at the end of the campaign. “The functionaries they have to be stubborn. They do not have to lower their arms at the slightest impediment ”, he had said Cristina Kirchner.

And he added that this stubbornness did not mean “not listening, not debating” but rather referred to do not give up in the face of problems “Because you are afraid to continue with what you have to do.”

In his speech this Wednesday, Guzmán stated: “There is something that I really liked about what Cristina (Kirchner) said a few days ago in Tecnópolis. Is this idea of ​​the persistence in convictions and stubbornness and, at the same time, the adaptability”.

“We have governed 21 months in a context, Alberto, of enormous uncertainty, where adaptability has been fundamental because that context is changing and we must be giving answers all the time, but always on the conviction that, every step we take, we do it with the objective of take care of our Argentina. That is the path on which we seek to continue building for Argentina ”, completed the head of the Palacio de Hacienda.

The minister took care to give a unified image of the ruling coalition and recalled that, at times of the jump in the exchange rate gap during 2020, talked with Alberto Fernandez, Cristina Kirchner, Sergio Massa, Maximum Kirchner and Axel Kicillof. “Always helping, always looking to take care of our people,” Guzmán stressed.

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