Training simulates attack to teach reader how to defend himself.  (Photo: Disclosure)

This year, 19 Energisa employees were attacked; company even has training to avoid incidents

Training simulates attack to teach reader how to defend himself. (Photo: Disclosure)

Can you imagine leaving home to work and, in the middle of the day, a dog attacks you and sends you to the hospital? What seems far from the reality of any worker has happened to Energisa meter readers in Mato Grosso do Sul. This year alone, 19 were attacked by dogs while they were working. Two needed to undergo surgery and spent 60 days in treatment.

For the 240 readers who work in the 74 municipalities where the concessionaire operates, dog attacks are a constant threat. To reduce risks, the company offers practical training so that, in addition to avoiding accidents, they know how to defend themselves in the event of an attack. But everyone can collaborate with the health of these workers.

In general, bites do not even happen inside the property where the reading of electricity consumption is being taken. In most cases, the reader is on the other side of the street, the owner of the house leaves the gate open, the dog escapes and, to defend its territory, the animal ends up attacking the professional.

“Attentive to the personal and professional development of its readers, Energia invests in training, but to avoid attacks by dogs, the client must also do their part. One of the tips is to pay attention to the date of reading, information that always appears in the previous month’s bill, and on that day to keep the dog locked up or prevent the animal from escaping”, points out Jonas Ortiz, commercial coordinator for Energisa in Mato Grosso do Sul.

Other tips – which were even disclosed by the energy distribution company to consumers with dogs – can help prevent attacks on readers:

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The campaign aims to make dog owners aware that there is no one better than them to help prevent accidents.

And it is worth remembering that, according to Article 936 of the Civil Code, “the owner, or holder, of the animal will reimburse the damage caused by it, if it does not prove the victim’s guilt or force majeure”.

To relax on this subject, which is very serious, how about watching the episode of O Descomplicador, a webseries produced by Energisa, which deals exactly with the reader’s work? With lots of information and humor, you get to know exactly what the professional does. Watch by clicking here.

Class of employees who underwent recent training.  (Photo: Disclosure)
Class of employees who underwent recent training. (Photo: Disclosure)

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