"With the team they have, if there are no injuries, they can go to the end"

David Rimbold former player of Union Saint-Gilloise and RWDM in the early 2000s is a great supporter of Paris Saint Germain. Member of the PSG Club Belgium, the club of Parisian supporters of the kingdom. He confided in us ahead of Wednesday’s game against the Club de Bruges.

How did you become a supporter of PSG?

I fell into it when I was little. My father is of French origin and my family lived two streets from the Parc des Princes. So I had the chance since I was little to go to the stadium and it has remained until now. Paris Saint-Germain is still my favorite team “

You are part of PSG Club Belgium, how is it to be in a club supporting a team abroad?

He’s pretty good kid. There is not only the fun at the stadium but also the travel. It is always a great adventure to go either to the Park or to another stadium in France. I think it’s a great initiative for this club to support. Especially since Paris Saint-Germain accepts a Belgian fan club. I think it’s really a great initiative

This 2021-2022 season is marked, at PSG, by the arrival of Lionel Messi. Do you think that, thanks to him, this year is the right one for Paris Saint-Germain to win the Champions League?

That is a complicated question. I think that first of all the team has to turn. Then you have to avoid injuries. Finally, you need a bit of luck. I think it’s not just the quality of the players. There is also the draw. There are top teams like the Bayern Munich, the Real Madrid, the FC Barcelona and Paris and Manchester City managed to join them. I think that it is especially the drawing of lots that will designate the winner

And what was your reaction when you learned of the arrival of Leo Messi at PSG?

It was surreal! We already said to ourselves that with Neymar it was exceptional. Now there is Messi who, for me, with Cristiano Ronaldo are the two best players in the world. It’s hard to tell the difference between the two as they both have superhuman qualities. But it remains in the continuity of the club. Paris Saint-Germain want to grow up and win the Champions League. I believe that with Messi they have shown that they are ready to do a lot to win it. So yes, it’s exceptional but there is still the ground truth

You were talking about the draw and luck, do you think Club Brugge has a chance to create a feat against Paris Saint-Germain?

A football match must be played no matter what. It all depends on the team that will be set up during the match. However, I keep in mind that a football match lasts 90/95 minutes and that in the end it is the result that counts. But I think it will be very complicated for Bruges. If Paris wants to play and the stars are there, I think it will be complicated “

Talking about the stars, you have Neymar, Messi and MBappe. Aren’t you afraid that this will be too much in a locker room?

No, I do not think so. These are players who are used to rubbing shoulders with other stars. So I guess no, that shouldn’t be too much. On the other hand, in the field it is something else. Everyone will have their own little ego, everyone will want to do their number. But I hope these three will know how to play together. If that happens, it could be very complicated for the opponents of PSG. However, if everyone wants to put on a show, it will be blessed bread for the opponents.

In your opinion, what are the strengths and weaknesses of this Paris Saint-Germain?

Individualities are PSG’s greatest strengths. When we see the players on the field while a Sergio Ramos is not yet fit. There is still Judge, MBappe, Neymar and Messi obviously. But it is the collective strength that will make the difference this year. The weaknesses would be to believe that we will be too good-looking, that we have the best players and that we will win everything. I think it would be a very big mistake

Where do you think PSG will end this Champions League season?

I hope as far as possible. Obviously winning it would be wonderful. But I think we must first try to pass the hens. Then we will see what the draw gives. But yes, the goal is to win it. I think with the team they have, if there are no injuries, they can go to the end

What is your prediction for the game against Club Brugge?

” 0-3 * laughs *

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