Isis Valverde appeared in a curious click in the bathroom (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)
Isis Valverde on social media (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

The actress Isis Valverde returned to show off her beauty and fitness on social media. Updating her official Instagram account feed, the beauty stole the show by appearing enjoying a glass of wine. What most stole the show was Isis’s cleavage, which was highlighted by her being without a bra.

In the caption of the post, she wrote the phrase “time zone”, but used the French language. That’s because, like many other Brazilian celebrities, she has just returned from France, where she enjoyed fashion week in Paris. More than 270 thousand people liked the publication that Isis, which still yielded praise and messages of great affection from fans and friends in the comments box.

Check out the photos of Isis Valverde on social media:


It is worth remembering that Isis Valverde recently decided to let off steam. Although the muse is one of the most followed actresses in the country, always being very successful with her fans, she also goes through some troubles. She said she suffers from criticism from some internet users and decided to vent about it in an exclusive interview given to columnist Patrícia Kogut, from O Globo newspaper.

“We live this every day, but you just need to educate your ear and listen to what’s really important. One thing, for example, is for the person to say: ‘You are very overweight, you may have a heart problem‘. This is something to listen to. As it’s not always good to be underweight, you can have health problems too”, said the Brazilian artist.


In another moment of the chat, the muse, who is on the air in the rerun of the soap opera Ti Ti Ti, spoke about the upbringing she received from her parents. Isis commented that he learned not to listen to what doesn’t matter.

The upbringing I received from my father and mother gave me psychological structure. When I would fall into the traps, which are very common, they took me out. There are people who say: ‘Your hair is dry’. Of course, I don’t have time to hydrate. ‘Ah, you have melasma’. I say: ‘Of course, I had a child’. I won’t be suffering without sleep because of this. And? It’s normal. My son is there. You have to listen to the right thing because even speaking a parrot speaks”, concluded the famous one.

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