Without this James Bond, Daniel Craig's version would not have been possible

With Daniel Craig, we experienced a new James Bond from Casino Royale, who was very different from the casual gentleman character of Pierce Brosnan before that. Craig has given 007 a new vulnerability that has never been seen so strongly in the world’s most famous secret agent. At the same time, his Bond also exuded a grimmer toughness, which in turn is reminiscent of another Bond star.

You can watch James Bond 007 with Timothy Dalton in the lead role today at 10:50 p.m. on VOX. In the first of two films with the British as 007, it becomes clear how much the latest version of Bond inspired by this interpretation of the secret agent became.

Timothy Dalton gave James Bond more rough edges for the first time

Timothy Dalton makes his first appearance as James Bond in The Living Daylights, especially for one New start after the longer Rooger Moore era to care. Before that, the franchise finally turned it into a comedic cartoon with oversubscribed sci-fi films like Moonraker.

Check out the German trailer for James Bond 007 – The Living Daylights:

James Bond 007 The Living Daylights – Trailer (German) HD


Dalton’s Bond debut has brought the series back to the ground and set on a classic agent mission, in which seriousness and down-to-earthness are about gags, gadgets and excessive action. This James Bond film from 1987 already looks like one Blueprint for the later Daniel Craig reboot with Casino Royale, which leads back even further to the dark origins of the notorious secret agent.

Daniel Craig looks like a mirror image of Timothy Dalton’s James Bond

In Timothy Dalton’s performance a lot of Craig’s angular, closed-off charisma recognize before the latest 007 star has opened the figure more and more vulnerable and emotional.

Especially Dalton’s subsequent and last Bond film License to Kill transformed the otherwise charismatic gentleman agent into one grim vigilante antihero as Craig later embodied him again in the controversial Quantum of Solace. Who knows what the era of the newest James Bond star would have looked like without comparative material from Timothy Dalton …

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How do you like Timothy Dalton as James Bond compared to Daniel Craig?

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