The wolf in the Prinsenpark in Retie.  rr

The wolf in the Prinsenpark in Retie. rr

Mol, Balen

Two people separately spotted a wolf in Mol-Rauw on Friday. In addition, two sheep were also killed in Balen, almost certainly by a wolf. It is not certain whether it is the same animal.

The fact that the wolf has been showing up more recently in the Kempen was already apparent at the beginning of this year in Kasterlee, Retie and Dessel, where wolf Asterix was spotted. On Friday morning, another wolf was spotted in Mol-Rauw. Two people independently spot a wolf near the famous lake.

In a meadow on Rothsveldweg in Balen, two sheep were killed in the night from Thursday to Friday. A local resident discovered the remains of the animals on Friday morning. Experts from the Institute for Nature and Forest Research (INBO) have also been on site for research.

The remains of one of the sheep.

The remains of one of the sheep. © rr

Both the wolf in Mol-Rauw and the incident with the sheep in Balen were reported to the Welcome Wolf hotline. “Although we did not find any footprints, DNA or other traces in Mol-Rauw, we take the observations seriously,” says Jan Loos of Welkom Wolf. “Two persons reported independently and were able to provide a detailed description of the animal. The wolf probably ended up at the sand pit in Rauw from Lommel-Stevensvennen.”

According to Jan Loos, the two sheep that were killed are also almost certainly the result of a wolf attack. “The wolf ate very well, because there was almost nothing left of the two sheep,” he says. “I cannot say whether it is the same wolf as the one in Rauw. Chances are, of course, but it could also be another wolf. Or maybe even two wolves. In any case, there have been many sightings of a wolf in the province of Antwerp lately. Not only in the Kempen, but also in Kalmthout and Malle, for example. People who see a wolf can of course always report it to us.”(too much)

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