Woman Pineapple opens the game after termination by parade with breasts out

Marcela Porto, known as Mulher Abacaxi, decided to open the game and counter the criticism surrounding the fashion show in Sapucaí, by Acadêmicos de Niterói.

It turns out that after forgetting part of the costume, the muse ended up parading with her breasts out and her husband ended up asking for a separation.

Through her Instagram profile, she vented about the situation and said she had received messages about alleged betrayal.

“He has a table full of women and I’m being slaughtered! That he’s nice and I’m no good because the marriage ended because of Carnival. Any less! Let’s respect my rights!”, fired the Pineapple Woman.

“That is responsibility, it is serious. I’m queen of the school. I’m not a fan. I’m there for representation. I was hired, called. It’s not a joke! A lot of people are texting me, offending me. That I traded marriage for Carnival. Who knows about my life is me, what I’m suffering. Respect me, that’s all I ask,” added the model.

It is worth remembering that the couple who had been together for 7 years had already gone through a troubled moment due to a past Carnival.

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