Nathalie Sluyts and Nathalie Janssens of women's and children's clothing store Shop lou.  from Nile.

Nathalie Sluyts and Nathalie Janssens of women’s and children’s clothing store Shop lou. from Nile. ©  rr


Last weekend the ‘entrepreneur of the year’ was chosen. Normally this happens in a festive way, but due to corona it now became a digital event. Winners Nathalie Janssens and Nathalie Sluyts from women’s and children’s clothing store Shop lou. from Nijlen were no less happy about it.

“We didn’t expect it”, says Nathalie Sluyts of Shop lou.. “You first had to be nominated via customers who sent an email to the municipal council. If you were one of the nominees, you had to make sure you got as many votes as possible. We did do some advertising, but we can’t compete with the really big shops or organizations such as tennis club Molenbos. The club also won the audience award. But the ‘entrepreneur of the year’ was chosen by Ondernemend Nijlen and the municipal council.” And that entrepreneur of the year eventually became Shop lou. “We almost fell off our chairs when we received the redeeming call from the mayor. Why we were given that title was not explicitly stated, but I think it is because we have been very creative during the corona crisis. For example, we introduced the pass-through box. That’s a box of all kinds of clothes that we sent to the customers so that they and their children could try them on. A few hours later we went to pick it up again. Much use was made of it. We also work by appointment a lot. Since we are only open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, we can receive people on those other days and thus guarantee a personal service. That is appreciated. We also organize Ladies Evenings, where the shop remains open later and the participants go home with a goodie bag containing many local products. In this way we also try to work together with other businesses from the municipality. We’ve only just celebrated our second anniversary, so this is an encouragement to keep going our way. The trophy has already been given a nice place in our store. (givl)

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