Work on a pipe that ruptured is completed in Salvador

A pipeline that ruptured and caused a flood on Avenida Miguel Calmon, in Salvador, was completed on Thursday (16), around 10 pm. According to Embasa, the water supply of the 16 neighborhoods compromised because of the incident was resumed this Friday (17).

However, despite the repairs, the lane that connects to Avenida Garibaldi remains closed to motorists. Life is one of the main crossing points for revelers to access the Osmar circuit, in Campo Grande, and Dodô, in Barra.

According to Transalvador, the recommendation is that drivers access the circuits through the neighborhoods of Garcia and Barris. There is no information about when the track will be released.

According to Embasa, responsible for the work, the crater formed by a leak was filled up and the runway will be repaved this Friday. There is still no information on what caused the pipeline to break.

submerged car

A large pipe broke on Avenida Reitor Miguel Calmon, in the Garcia neighborhood, in Salvador, and a car sank in the completely flooded street this Thursday morning (16). A video made by people passing by recorded the moment. See video:

The couple in the vehicle managed to escape through the window. Moments later, the car is submerged in the road, which connects with Avenida Garibaldi and is an important route for revelers heading to the Osmar circuit, in Campo Grande, and Dodô, in Barra-Ondina.

Due to this incident, traffic in the region is slow and traffic jams have been reported on streets surrounding the region. According to the Traffic Superintendence of Salvador (Transalvador), it was necessary to ban the road for drivers coming from Praça Lord Cochrane, in Garibaldi.

Congested traffic at carnival

Because of the incident, traffic on the first Carnival in Salvador was slow and congested.

According to the Mobility Secretariat (Semob), the situation occurred, in large part, because of the blockage of access to Avenida Reitor Miguel Calmon, one of the main points of connection between the revelers and the circuits.

Semob informed that, together with Transalvador, they made traffic diversions and changes in bus lines with the aim of minimizing congestion. However, the traffic jam affected the transport operation and an accumulation of passengers at the stops. Expresso Salvador, the official transport of the carnival, was also affected, with records of long waiting times for revelers.

Also according to the secretariat, Transalvador registered two broken-down cars in the region, one on Ladeira do Garcia and the other on Avenida Oceânica (Barra), which also had an impact on the flow of traffic.

The recommendation, according to Semob, is that revelers opt for public transport, such as buses, taxis and app drivers.

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