World-2022: when the Hungarian fans face the English police (VIDEO)

London police explained on their twitter account that police officers entered the visiting supporters’ stand to arrest a fan accused of “serious public disorder” for uttering racist insults against a steward.

“As the officers proceeded with the arrest, a minor disorder erupted involving other bystanders,” police added, still on Twitter. “Order was quickly restored and no further incidents are to be noted at this time.”

According to television footage, beatings were exchanged, with police using batons to repel the most violent elements, while the overwhelming majority of the hundreds of Hungarian fans were only interested in the game.

After the meeting, the two coaches were very cautious about the incident.

“It’s hard for me to comment, I only heard about it from journalists. Until I know more, I prefer to stay focused on football,” said Three Lions boss Gareth Southgate .

His counterpart Marco Rossi also preferred “not to comment on this situation”. “It’s not my job and anything I say could be misinterpreted,” he said.

But Hungary may well be subject to new sanctions.

The English federation announced on Twitter that it would “carry out an investigation and transmit (the elements on) this incident to FIFA”.

The Hungarian federation had already been sentenced to a closed-door match and a fine by Fifa after the first leg between the two teams, won 4-0 by England and during which English players had been targeted by racist cries.

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