Would you accept R$30,000 to get covid-19?  In the UK, this is possible.

Have you ever heard of challenge study? It basically consists of a type of clinical trial in which volunteers are deliberately infected in order to speed up the process of developing a vaccine or treatment. A UK company called Open Orphan intends to bring people together to become infected with covid-19, for a payment of £4,000, which corresponds to R$30,000.

In the project, which received funding from the English government, these volunteers will be confined to a hotel. In all, there are 19 rooms, and the “guests” stay there for two weeks. The first phase of the project aims to discover the smallest amount of virus necessary for a person to develop covid-19.

The study is supported by Imperial College London and received Research Ethics Committee approval in February 2021. Participants in the initial characterization study are carefully selected to exclude anyone from the risk group.

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No site As part of the program, the company also ensures that doctors monitor volunteers 24 hours a day so that they can receive immediate medical care, if necessary. In addition, the volunteers will be monitored for up to one year after being infected by the virus, to ensure their long-term well-being.

Source: The Telegraph

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