Xavier Bertrand announces that he will participate in the LR activists' congress

Published on : 11/10/2021 – 21:25

Initially opposed to any primary, the right-wing presidential candidate Xavier Bertrand finally announced Monday that he will submit his candidacy to the vote of the supporters of the Les Républicains party, on the occasion of a congress scheduled for December 4.

Xavier Bertrand will finally participate in the congress. The right-wing candidate ended the suspense by announcing, Monday, October 11, that he would participate in the LR rally aimed at appointing the right-wing presidential candidate, invoking his desire to “bring together” his political family. “I will participate in the congress” of December 4, he affirmed on TF1, because “it is the only way to have as quickly as possible a candidate of the right and the center”.

“The Republicans have ruled out the primary,” because “they don’t want a clash,” he added, thanking activists from the party he left in 2017.

Gather to win

“I want to bring together all the French, so I must start with my political family,” said the president of the Hauts-de-France region, ex-LR, who has long been opposed to any primary.

“The easy way out was to go it alone,” but “I didn’t want to make that choice because in my DNA, there is coming together and there is union,” he explained.

Believing that “it is the solutions of the right and the center that will allow our country to get back on its feet”, he promised to form a team “because” I want to be able to unite to win “.

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