Xuxa reveals having undergone plastic surgery without consent

Photo: Globe. Image: Lucas Mascarenhas

The presenter Xuxa revealed that she underwent surgical procedures without her consent, in the 1990s, after the birth of Sasha.

The blonde’s account was given during participation in the program “Saia Justa”. Xuxa just wanted to put silicone on her breasts, but ended up with botox on her face, liposuction and fat injection on her hips.

“At the time Sasha was born I made up that I wanted pregnancy breasts, because I thought those big breasts were the most beautiful thing. I looked for someone to do it and Marlene, who was with me at the time, said that I had to do it with this one. person,” he began.

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Xuxa recalled that the doctor started making drawings on her body, but she would have reiterated that she only wanted to put the silicone in her breasts.

“The woman laughed, but said nothing. When I woke up I had 320ml of breast. The woman had lipo done here [apontando para o abdômen]put here [quadril]I had two purple dots here [nos olhos] and I wanted to kill the woman, because I felt pain in my whole body and I didn’t understand why”, he explained.

“I was paralyzed for six months. It filled me with fibrosis [trauma abaixo da pele causado por agressão cirúrgica], to this day I have these things in my body. I think that person must not have done it alone, they must have spoken to Marlene or someone who worked with me and said, ‘Do what’s best for her to look hot’ “, finished the outburst.


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