xy-unsolved: TV bomb!  Katarina Witt takes over this ZDF broadcast

Riverboat presenter reveals the successor to Rudi Cerne: will Katarina Witt step into his runners?

Leipzig / Berlin – The time has come: That Riverboat cheats, turns away from direction Berlin – next stop: Masuren Allee. From now on, riverboat enthusiasts will board here every two weeks. The first guests of Kim Fisher (53) and Sebastian Fitzek (50) are certain – his premiere is coming up. And on the side, Jörg Kachelmann (63) revealed another secret!

Rudi Cerne (63) moderates “Aktenzeichen XY … unsolved” – will he be replaced by Katarina Witt (55)? At least that was what Kachelmann let through. © Sina Schuldt / dpa

The two moderators have now revealed on Facebook who will be there when bestselling author Fitzek is on board for the first time.

Kachelmann proudly reports that world star Katarina Witt (55) is coming on Friday. The ice queen can currently be seen on RBB in “Legal Affairs” or on Netflix “How to sell drugs online (fast)”.

But: The sports legend who lives in Potsdam is apparently also an aspirant for a new job!

In all friendship: In all friendship: Liebesaus in the Sachsenklinik?
In all friendship
In all friendship: Liebesaus in the Saxon Clinic?

She is “in conversation as the successor to Rudi Cerne (63) for ‘xy-Unresolved’ on ZDF,” reveals weather man Kachelmann. Fits somehow: runners handover, because Rudi was once also a figure skater … Then why not also the best “Carmen on Ice”? This little sidekick is allowed.

“Maybe the news is out already?” Kachelmann rows back a little. No, Jörg, but already now. “Sooner or later all successful people end up at ZDF”, he jokes on … It actually sounds like Katarina is now tackling the “unsolved problem”.

That ZDF Incidentally, regarding the “Cause Witt“not yet expressed.

Katarina Witt (55, here with Jutta Müller) comes to the riverboat.

Katarina Witt (55, here with Jutta Müller) comes to the riverboat. © Kristin Schmidt

These guests will be at the start on Friday from 10 p.m. at both the MDR and the RBB:

  • Mario Barth (48) – Comedian
  • Katarina Witt (55) – two-time Olympic champion
  • Clueso (41) – musician
  • Nilam Farooq (32) – actress (SOKO Leipzig, Tatort)
  • Jorge González (54) – Choreographer and model
  • Ingrid van Bergen (90) – jungle star and actress
  • Ute Spiegel – nurse and singer
  • Anett Schwär – owner of a rolling supermarket

This colorful selection of guests promises perfect entertainment!

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