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Venezuelan journalists revealed that Yeferson Soteldo and Josua Mejías were removed from the vinotinto team for cases of indiscipline, and that the version that pointed to an injury would be a cover to avoid the scandal in the previous match of Venezuela against Chile by Qualifiers.

The former U. de Chile did not travel to Chile for Thursday's qualifying match.


© GettyThe former U. de Chile did not travel to Chile for Thursday’s qualifying match.

A scandal broke out in Venezuela just days before the match against the Chilean team for Qualifying, after two local journalists uncovered that Yeferson Soteldo was excluded from the Vinotinto for indiscipline.

According to what was initially reported, the former University of Chile had suffered an injury in the match with Brazil, which is why it was the great absence of his team in the clash with Ecuador and left in doubt to face Chile.

However this Monday the calm was broken when Venezuelan journalists Elías López and Tomy Arguelles revealed that Soteldo, along with his partner Josua Mejías, were removed from the team for indisciplinary actions.

“Yeferson Soteldo missed today’s meeting (yesterday, with Ecuador) due to an act of indiscipline. Not due to injury,” he launched Arguelles.

The communicator bluntly complemented that Soteldo’s exclusion was a “Correct decision. It is time for order to return to the national team. Soccer players with a World Cup mentality are needed.”

Secondly, López confirmed that the midfielder “finally does not travel with the delegation of the national team to Santiago, so he would not be available to face Chile.”

“An act of indiscipline would be the reason why he was separated from the group and he also lost today’s game (yesterday, with Ecuador)”he explained.

According to the first reports and rumors, Yeferson Soteldo and Josua Mejías would have left the concentration to go in the alleged search for female company, and that the versions of an injury would be just a kind of cover of the federation.

The truth is that both players stayed under the plane and did not travel to Chile for the momentous duel on Thursday at 9:00 p.m. against La Roja, giving a hard blow to Vinotinto in the Qualifiers.

It is expected that in the next few hours the Venezuelan federation released a statement giving an account of what really happened with Soteldo and Mejías, toalso clarifying what was the real reason for his exclusion for the last duel against Ecuador.

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