Yermin's smart decision at 3-0

After the two-run homer of Yermin Mercedes on a 3-0 count in the 9th inning that gave victory to the Tigres del Licey In San Francisco, diverse opinions arose around the decision to swing the blue slugger.

The key question in the discussion is … “What if it failed?” There are several arguments that support the decision that Yermin made, ignoring the final result that was beneficial for him and his team. The main, clearest and most obvious argument is the following:

In a game tied at 2 runs at the height of the 9th inning, with a runner at 1st base, the mission of a fourth bat is to push that run at all costs, especially when your team is going through a collective slum that has a habit of leaving runners. in scoring position, as has been happening throughout Round Robin and on more than two occasions in the first inning of that same game.

It is a logical and intelligent decision for Yermin, since it was useless to obtain a base on balls when your role as fourth bat is to push the run especially in the previously proposed scenario and if there is a count where it is “easy to predict” with what The next pitcher is 3-0, when there is more than a 90% chance that the pitcher will throw a straight line through the area looking for the famous “automatic pitch”. We must also take into account in the stadium where “Dominican Coors Field” is being played, a park for hitters where many home runs are connected and where Yermin has whipped the Giant pitching for life.

If Yermin missed the pitch with a harmless high or in the worst case crawled for a double kill, today she is being demonized by both journalists and blue fans on social media and sports programs, but definitely the decision of “Yerminator” was correct regardless of the end result.

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