In one of his Instagram stories – in an alternate account that the businesswoman is using, after announcing that she was withdrawing from social networks – she assured that the videos in which she appears with the singer of the group Adolescents do not confirm any sentimental relationship with him .

“Pay attention to me, you are writing that the singer of Adolescents, that I with the singer. I swear not. He just asked me for a kiss and I gave it to him, babies. I’m single, I have no commitments and I don’t think he either. Then why not? I’m not dating him ”, he confirmed Yina Calderon, from Small Tables.

The controversial ‘influencer’ – she was recently criticized for a show at an awards show, where she showed her breasts and spread her legs – took advantage of that same video to confirm that you would be in a relationship with a famous popular music artist.

“Actually, I’m going to tell you a secret. I’m dating someone else, but then I’m going to show it to them. A well-known popular singer (…) When they meet the real one who is dating me, that day they will say: ‘He sent him as he was,’ ”he asserted.

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Calderón gave that statement without revealing the identity of the artist or going into further details; However, the speculation among his thousands of followers did not wait and many proposed who that singer was.

Alan Ramírez reacts to comments of alleged relationship with Yina

The account ‘Rechismes’, which shares content from celebrities, replicated the video of the businesswoman and there the comments were generated, so the singer Alan Ramírez also came out and said:

“Yina is my friend and I make it very clear that I am not that popular singer 👌🏻 I have a woman SR… So 👁 watch what they talk about.”


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