"You are stupidity embodied";  "Close your mouth": the words of Véronique Genest on the vaccine obligation are controversial

Véronique Genest, better known under the name of Julie Lescaut on television, made a lot of talk about her in her last years (in particular by announcing that she was broke). The 64-year-old actress, especially active in the theater lately, is not afraid to shout loudly her convictions – very strong – on social networks. At the risk, often, of shocking his community.

By evoking the third dose of vaccine (necessary for the health pass to remain valid for those over 65 in France), she once again drew the wrath of Internet users “With this vaccination obligation which does not say its name, I had the feeling of a rape of which we do not want to take the complaint, “she wrote on Twitter. “There with the third dose on pain of losing my pass and not being able to work I feel like I am the victim of a turning point.”

“You are stacked up”

“Vero, vero, close your mouth, everyone will be better off.” Many Internet users, agreeing with the debate on vaccination, regret the link that Véronique Genest makes with rape. “This comparison is dismal. Genest, you are stacked up.” ; “And then say so !!!!! You must not know what a rape is”, can one read in particular. “You are a woman – no words – to associate your vaccination with an unrecognized rape, wrote another. I hope for you that you will not have more problems with the associations of victims. Because at least me I have respect for mankind. ” But also: “Association of vaccination with rape or a dictatorship: but you are not ashamed? But what nonsense! You are stupidity embodied or you want to be the passionaria in anti-pass? But you are sorely lacking in panache and charisma! ” Or again: “Frankly, I hope that these words will make you the absolute pariah of the entertainment world! You deserve to be black listed in all theaters and to disappear permanently from the PAF!”

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