“You can call me Bill”: William Shatner devotes himself to the documentary

“You Can Call Me Bill” isn’t meant to be a throwback

While filming You Can Call Me Bill, Shatner told Variety that he didn’t want to just look back on his accomplishments. Instead, he was “trying to discover something I’ve never said before.” He wants the audience to share his experiences.

“The sad thing is, the older a person gets, the wiser they get, and then they die with all that knowledge. And then it’s gone. It’s not like I take my ideas or my clothes with me,” he said. “What am I supposed to do with all these thoughts? What am I supposed to be observing when I’m 90?” He now shares part of it in “You Can Call Me Bill”.

Director Alexandre O. Philippe’s documentary will premiere at this year’s SXSW Film Festival in Texas, March 10-19.

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