Luis Suárez hits him with a volley and forces him to draw a sketch Martinez.  Photo: AFP

Oscar Washington Tabárez (74) did not walk around when analyzing the performance of Uruguay in the categorical 3-0 defeat against the Argentine National Team in the Monumental, for the South American Qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

“We tried to carry out the plan we had made, although it had no results. The team knew how to suffer on the court and have rebellion. Losing is losing, obviously the feeling is different if you lose by one or three goals, but not it is nothing that can redound to a benefit and this was a slap and I know these guys and between us we are going to try to get out of the sensation that this game left because we are still in the qualifying zone, “the Maestro began in his speech.

And he completed: “We do not have as many equal players as Argentina has in quantity. Arrascaeta and Bentancur are base players in that, they were not like others who could not be and in this work group, players included, we are very clear, as some coach once said, you have to close your sphincters, all of them, especially your mouth. The only thing that can vindicate us or continue fighting is the results and that is what we are going to dedicate ourselves to starting tomorrow. “

Luis Suárez hits him with a volley and forces him to draw a sketch Martinez. Photo: AFP

Tabárez has it clear. Uruguay must rebuild its confidence to have good results again. His team is fourth with 16 points, the same amount as Ecuador. Six units from the second, Argentina, which also has suspended the match with Brazil, leader of the table. Precisely, those in green and yellow will be their next rivals on Thursday.

“We have to start looking for ways that this fight for points can have a better result for us. The footballers are going to keep trying and we have to give them the chances of getting good things“, he analyzed.

“This group knows that in difficult moments is when the best face should be put. It hurts all of us, you compete to try to win, when you are outmatched, you have to have the humility to recognize it and also the rebellion in the next matches, “he remarked after the beating he took from the Monumental.

Praise for Argentina

Tabárez will seek revenge against Brazil.  Photo: AFP

Tabárez will seek revenge against Brazil. Photo: AFP

What did he say about the team of Lionel Scaloni and Lionel Messi? “Argentina at this moment has culminated an evolution of years that has led it to stabilize its game. Its squad has won a continental title and in my view, the most remarkable point of the team is when it finds spaces in the rival area,” he synthesized.

Although he did not forget the chances that Luis Suárez had and that between Emiliano Esque Martínez and the stick they prevented Uruguay from getting ahead on the scoreboard. “At the beginning we had some chances, but in the course of the minutes they were taking the game precisely there and goals are scored like the first, but then the result was justified“, he emphasized.

And he closed: “Soccer is a very special sport. You can play 120 minutes and go 0-0. Those who mark the oscillations of confidence and unease are the goals, the only measurable successes in soccer. A very beautiful move if it is not transformed into results, the relationship of forces does not change in that aspect and that is what happened. Argentina gained in confidence when it had spaces. All these things chain together and make the result that it is not disputed that it has been bulky “.

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