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Attention “You” fans! Netflix it has just announced that the series will have a fourth season, one day after the premiere of the new episodes of the third session.

“The fourth season of ‘You’ is in the (body bag)”, it was announced through a short video posted on the streaming platform’s social networks.

As is known, the third season of “You” premieres this Friday, October 15 through the Netflix platform and as seen in the previews, it includes the birth of Henry, the rearming of the glass box, the identity of the neighbor and probably next victim of Joe Goldberg.

That’s right, after “finding the one”, Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) moved to Los Angeles with Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) to start a new life away from the murders and mistakes of the past, however, so seen in the trailer they cannot escape themselves.

After their marriage and the birth of their child, the couple tries to act as normal and kind neighbors. Although they are also seen rearming the glass box in the basement of their house, so the murder could put them back together.


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