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Jong Domus, the association of young general practitioners in our country, is sounding the alarm. In an open letter, the association emphasizes that it is unfeasible for general practitioners to keep their heads above water during this fourth corona wave. “We want to go back to our caring duties, it’s enough,” it sounds.


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It is not the first cry from the general practitioners, but they emphasize in the open letter that they are not listened to enough. “A month ago, Domus Medica sounded the alarm. It feels like a slap in the face that politicians respond so slowly,” said the general practitioners.

The doctors also complain that the administrative nuisance is getting out of hand. “Organizing tests, creating codes, drawing up quarantine certificates, forwarding the ‘correct’ sick note. Those are not the duties of the GP. We want to go back to our caring responsibilities. This is important for the well-being of our GPs, the survival of our GP profession and for the quality and timely care that each of our patients deserves.”

In concrete terms, the general practitioners ask to ensure that Covid testing and administration are fully paralleled by the general practitioner and to work on test centers with a free walk-in. Only those who are seriously ill or want a physical examination should be seen by their GP, it continues.

Recent surveys by the general practitioners’ association Domus Medica among 1,169 general practitioners show that 10 percent of the general practitioners are considering quitting their profession. More than half (55 percent) indicate that they cannot maintain this work situation for more than a few weeks.

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