Depac (Community Emergency Service) of the Campo Grande Center (Photo: Archive/Marcos Maluf)

After performing several procedures, the boy realized that the amount was transferred to the unknown

Depac (Community Emergency Service) of the Campo Grande Center (Photo: Archive/Marcos Maluf)

A 27-year-old boy fell in a coup and lost R$2,960, this afternoon (11), in Campo Grande. He believed it would validate a deposit someone was trying to make for him. After following instructions from a message and a call from a person who identified himself as an employee of Caixa Econômica Federal, he realized that the amount had disappeared from the account.

The victim reported to police that he received a message allegedly from Caixa, telling him to validate a deposit. Then, the guy clicked on the link sent, which directed him to a website, similar to the bank’s, and asked for the application’s password to validate the deposit.

The boy typed in the password and when entering the application he found that it was locked. Then, he received a call saying that it was from Caixa and that someone tried to transfer the amount to his account and he was supposed to validate the cell phone again.

Once again, the victim performed the procedures requested by the scammer and then his application stopped working. When he went to see the statement, the boy realized that a transfer had been made, via pix, from his account to someone else.

The pix went to the key email [email protected], in the name of Juliana Moraes de Souza, according to the police record, but the police are still investigating whether this person’s account has any involvement in the coup. The case was registered as qualified theft through fraud through an electronic device, at the Center’s Depac (Community Emergency Service Police Station).

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