Dead animal in a bag. (Photo: Straight from the Streets)

Elizeu Gomes Macedo Junior, 25, was arrested this Tuesday (12) after dragging a dog by the neck and leaving it agonizing to death after being run over, in Dourados, 233 kilometers from Campo Grande. According to the police report on the case, the young man was caught by a witness pulling the animal on Rua Cuiabá, in the central region of the city, around 2:55 pm. The animal had its tongue hanging out and visibly suffocated by the current.

The resident lost sight of the suspect when leaving the street, but when he returned to the path, about 15 minutes later, he found Elizeu leaving the animal dying on the roadside, at the intersection with Rua General Osório. Another resident also saw the moment when the boy arrived at the corner dragging the animal, removed the collar and left it behind. When trying to cross the dog, he was run over and the driver ran away.

After leaving the dog bleeding on the side of the street, Elizeu still returned and passed the animal, but again he didn’t provide any kind of help. The witnesses denounced the fact to the Civil Police, who immediately went in search of the tutor. Elizeu was found on the same street where he left dragging the animal. To the police he admitted that he dragged the animal as it did not want to walk on a leash.

After releasing it from the chain, the dog remained under a vehicle and when trying to cross the street, possibly to accompany the owner, the dog ended up being run over. The young man said he would return to the scene with a bag to remove the dead animal from the road. Elizeu was fined in flagrante delicto by the law that provides for mistreatment of animals, he can be fined and, if convicted, face 2 to 5 years in prison.

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