Young people are filmed in a drunken state before crashing at 140 km / h: "We kill ourselves" |  VIDEO

A very irresponsible action. A group of Argentine teenagers filmed themselves drunk while traveling in a vehicle at 140 kilometers per hour before hitting a tree. The images were posted on social media and sparked a wave of outrage.

According Chronicle, the driver was able to escape unscathed from the accident thanks to the car’s airbag, but the authorities suspended his driver’s license for his risky maneuver.

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The National Road Safety Agency went to Mar del Plata to attend to the emergency and, in addition, request support from the local municipality to intervene the owner of the car and retain his documents until further notice due to the offense committed in the company of his friends.

In the video recorded by one of the passengers it is heard to say “If we kill ourselves, we kill ourselves”, while then they focus on the speed at which the vehicle was going.

The breathalyzer test carried out on the driver showed that he had 1.03 milligrams of alcohol in his blood, more than double the limit allowed by the Argentine authorities.

The director of the National Road Safety Association, Pablo Martinez, spoke through Twitter to send a message to the young man who “Fortunately” He was able to get out of the accident alive.

“Ignacio, when the State gave you your driver’s license, it was not for you to kill yourself or your friends. Luckily you were saved and today your family is not watching over your body. But your license is disabled “.




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