Young pregnant women died unvaccinated in the intensive care unit of corona

Around 400 pregnant women have been treated as inpatients in Covid wards in Vienna since the outbreak of the corona pandemic. A patient in her early 30s even died in the Ottakring clinic, the Vienna Health Association confirmed to the APA on Thursday.

“None that really needed treatment was vaccinated,” said Barbara Maier, head of the maternity ward in Ottakring.

In addition to the Favoriten Clinic, the Ottakring Clinic in the area of ​​the Vienna Health Association is intended as a contact point for expectant mothers who have been infected with the coronavirus and are suffering from Covid-19. Those affected, who had previously received inpatient care in Ottakring, were between 28 and 33 years old. There are currently two patients, one of whom needs intensive medical care.

A total of 13 women had ICU needs around the due date, so they were transferred to the Covid intensive care unit shortly before or shortly after the birth. They were between 30 and 32 years old.

The course of the disease is quite different, Maier reported on Thursday. While some unvaccinated mothers recover from Covid-19 relatively quickly, others have to spend “many weeks” in intensive care, fighting for their lives. The baby of the deceased Covid patient was born healthy and doing well, it said. It will grow up without a mother.

The risk of miscarriage is three times higher for the unvaccinated

Vaccination against Covid-19 can save lives. “The risk of miscarriage in pregnant women with symptomatic Covid-19 courses is at least three times higher,” says Maier. She therefore urgently advises pregnant women to vaccinate. On the initiative of the Vienna Health Association and based on the experience of experts, Vienna was the first European city to offer the “off label” vaccination for pregnant women.

Caring for heavily pregnant Covid-19 patients is an enormous challenge for hospital staff. Above all, care must be taken to ensure that the child, which is usually born by caesarean section, does not become infected with SARS-CoV-2 . As the health association assures, there has not yet been any transmission of the virus to a newborn in Vienna.

The birth itself takes place in a normal delivery room, with a midwife exclusively and continuously looking after the woman giving birth, who is a high-risk patient due to her Covid 19 disease. Like all doctors and nursing staff involved in the birth, the midwife wears protective clothing, often for hours, depending on the length of the birth.

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