“Your Place Or Mine” review: dull Netflix romance at a distance

Flat RomCom

“Your Place Or Mine” is a flat RomCom that is neither very romantic nor very funny. Instead, she wants to make it difficult for her characters to find each other, but that only strains the audience’s patience. But maybe the geographical distance between Whiterspoon and Kutcher turns out to be better anyway, because they wouldn’t make a credible film couple anyway. You’ve already seen that on so many red carpet photos: the two actors don’t have any chemistry to show for themselves.

The other characters are often just annoying. The gardener next door, played by Steve Zahn, is one of those obsessively comical side characters that seem like a must-have in any comedy. It’s easy to see how completely superfluous he actually is from the fact that the guy continues to hang around in someone else’s garden, even though the woman he adores is no longer there.

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