Horoscope for Sunday, January 9

Will your astrological sign bring you luck in the coming week? Is this the time to make your projects a reality or to meet some great people? Find out right away with your detailed weekly forecasts for each day of the week ahead.

The sun in your axis makes you thirsty for praise. This week, it will be necessary to praise you or to disappear. This self-centered attitude is accompanied by bleak talk about your partner. You lazily listen to his plans, bored in advance that the conversation is turning away from you. Be careful not to offend the other for a long time. You must learn to share your crown. Single, you lack curiosity towards your suitors. To believe that you already know them by heart! … Read more about the horoscope for next week Aries

Taurus weekly horoscope

This week, when your brother announced his wedding to you, everyone noticed the happiness radiating from your face. Ready to go until the end of the night with the lovebirds, you have decided to invest yourself fully in its organization. From wedding rings to bachelorette parties to music management, they are happy to know they can count on your support and advice. Attention, for loved ones as for the kings of the day, everything happens like in a dream, so make the most of every second! … Read more about the horoscope next week Taurus

horoscope hebdo gemeaux

You should have a lull this week. It’s time to finally rest and take a breath of fresh air away from the hellish pace of everyday life! A little cocooning in perspective which should do you the greatest good: a relaxing evening in front of a good movie, walks in the forest or perhaps a return to the family will recharge your batteries and give you a healthy and lasting motivation. Let yourself be carried away by these little moments of happiness, they are extremely precious! … Read more about the horoscope for next week Gemini

weekly cancer horoscope

The atmosphere at work is not ideal for you. Electrical clashes between colleagues or pressure linked to an urgent project create an unpleasant atmosphere. In research, frustrations are to be expected. However, do not worry too much, this situation will not last. Keep a low profile and be patient while this passes. Moreover, this may be the opportunity to take an interest in the art of meditation or to take advantage of a moment of calm to go for a massage, in order to release tension … Read more about the horoscope next week Cancer

Leo weekly horoscope

By wanting to finish everything quickly, you have botched all the instances. Radically change your method. Each week, set achievable priorities without straining your abilities, but taking a step back. Over time, these new habits will become part of your daily life by becoming reflexes. Blown away by this metamorphosis, your family will come to seek advice from you. Achieved in record time, you owe this success only to you.; … Read more about the horoscope next week Leo

Virgo weekly horoscope

You approach the end of a cycle with youthful eagerness. Uranus in your sky announces a new era, made of separations and meetings. You are on the cusp of major upheavals, which will have a positive impact on you. Freed from your chains, you will be open to adventure, the bearer of a hitherto dormant dynamism. It looks like you’ve been locked up a bit too long. Your explosive personality is impatient to express yourself … Read more about the horoscope for next week Virgo

horoscope hebdo balance

Mercury explicitly suggests that you strengthen teamwork in your professional sphere. Now is the time for you to explain your most creative ideas and set up some promising projects. You will contribute with enthusiasm to the collective reflection. Be careful, certain temperaments can sometimes clash and not come to an agreement. Natives of the first decan, you will be smart enough to find arrangements that suit all employees … Read more about the horoscope next week Libra

weekly horoscope scorpio

Bad habits could get the best of you. If you often stay up late at night, use tobacco or snack between meals, curb your impulses! Luckily, the positive aspect of the moon will help you get over it. Your passing carelessness will be erased if you put your effort into it. When you’re tempted, think about the long-term benefits. Try not to succumb to your immediate urges. Little by little, you will find the right reflexes … Read more about the horoscope next week Scorpio

weekly sagittarius horoscope

By dint of listening to yourself, you have lost your footing with reality. Indeed, in this week of vacation, your unconscious has brought old files to the surface. Instead of drowning them, you preferred to take a look. So, before this downward spiral absorbs all of you, you must react. Let all your negative beliefs die for good. Only dialogue with your family can reconcile you with life and relieve you of these old demons … Read more about the horoscope next week Sagittarius

Capricorn weekly horoscope

The double influence of Mars and Venus makes you both overwhelmed with love and fiercely possessive. You don’t want to share your partner with anyone, which is why you are building an inaccessible fortress around him. Beware of this in camera which could end up weighing heavily on your shoulders. Learn to trust and open the doors to your home. It will be more fulfilling for everyone. Single, you must learn to arouse desire by making yourself rarer … Read more about the horoscope next week Capricorn

weekly horoscope aquarius

You work hard and tirelessly to achieve the required goals. You don’t count your hours. Unfortunately, however, your considerable investment is not properly recognized and appreciated. You deserve to be noticed for all your efforts. You have long hoped for feedback from your referrers. Stop! Do not wait any longer and take the situation in hand. Finally get the promotion or bonus you deserve so much! … Read more about the horoscope next week Aquarius

weekly pisces horoscope

Your weather for the week promises to be changeable and unpredictable. You will be a little moody in the days to come. To regulate these mood swings, you will need to turn to a healthier diet. Prefer foods rich in omega-3 such as fatty fish or rapeseed oil. It is recommended that you clear your mind and clear your brain. Practice brisk walking and expose your body to natural light for at least 10 minutes a day … Read more about the horoscope for next week Pisces

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