youth team passed the bill the experience

The first Super classic of the season made it clear that University of Chile He is in a reconstruction process, where he lacks names if he wants to fight something in the National Championship.

With a mixture of players, also occupying the largest number of changes, as he had anticipated Santiago Escobar, the blues put up a fight in the first minutes, but little by little they ran out of legs.

Although they are in the process of getting to know a team that is mostly new, the Blues left an image far removed from what their fans expect.

the one on one

Hernan Galindez: The new goalkeeper of Universidad de Chile was seen with some nerves when it came to playing, in a tactic that Santiago Escobar seems to occupy a lot, which should improve.

Yonathan Andía: He tried to go on the attack, but he was more worried about Solari, who dominated him many times in that sector. The centers were not precise, when he managed to go up.

Louis Casanova: The defender tried to be the boss of the area, but it was noted that he still needs work to reach his best version.

Jose Maria Carrasco: It is just starting, but it looked slow at the time of the mark. In the penalty play he had a very soft mark that allowed the attacker to continue towards the goal.

Marcelo Morales: It was the band that Colo Colo chose to attack in the first half, where he looked more diminished. Despite that, he reached the top and provoked with a center the best play that the U had.

Camilo Moya: The captain of the night was seen lacking physically and in the brand. You must gain more confidence to assume the role of the protagonist.

Jimmy Martínez: He is fighting for a position to stay at the University of Chile and not go back on loan, but with the little he shows there are doubts about his continuity.

Junior Fernandes: He had a more delayed game, where he had to support the forwards. Despite the desire, it was noted that it cost him the position.

Pablo Aranguiz: With gaps, like last season, he tried to get up the left side, but it was not decisive.

Ronnie Fernandez: He was the attacker who most sought the goal of Colo Colo, where he had the clearest play on goal, but he could not give strength to his header.

Christopher Munoz: A game where the youth had to go to sacrifice and could not show their characteristics.

The changes

Christopher Campos: On the first play they converted him, although later he took out his fury with a double cap to save the blue goal.

Lucas Alarcon: The defender comes to play for a place in the team, but he entered when the team was too far behind.

Joseph Castro: He was seen very low, the lack of experience to be able to play a Superclásico was noted.

Frank Wolves: The lack of football was noted, where the team is just warming up in a preseason.

Dario Osorio: The goal served to demonstrate the desire that the youth had in being able to add minutes.

Bastian Tapia: Another player who comes after a loan, but who passed the bill to enter when Colo Colo had come on top, although he still had some good crosses.

Santiago Escobar: The coach had brought this game forward with the changes and a mixed squad, although in a Superclásico it counts.

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