We don't want negative emotions.  YouTube will not display viewers who do not like the video

When YouTube announced a few days ago the decision to hide the pointer for people who don’t like videos, it caused a small storm. Users do not understand why the number of dis likes has to go away, they want to keep it, and the co-founder of the platform, Jawed Karim, expressed a similar opinion. According to him, the change will lead to the collapse of the entire network, all content will be average at once. YouTube is preparing a move that is widely rejected, which doesn’t really make sense, he thinks.

Jawed Karim co-founded YouTube with Chad Hurley and Steve Chen in 2005. And while you’ve probably never heard his name, you’ve definitely seen his young face – he uploaded the very first video to date, with over 203 million people to date. The famous record is called “Me at the Zoo” and Karim describes it standing in front of an elephant enclosure.

Karim often remembers this video and uses it regularly to publicize his personal feelings or criticism of the steps YouTube is taking. He always changes the caption of the video and breaks it down, this time he did in response to the planned hiding of the number of people who don’t like the video.

What’s changing on YouTube

The network announced the change a week ago blog, is that the button for dislays – giving a thumbs down – will remain, but it will no longer be publicly visible how many people clicked on it. This information will be available only to the creators themselves, not to the audience.

YouTube argues that users often exploit the button to unjustifiably harass authors, who are then demotivated and do not want to continue creating. For example, when someone didn’t like a person, they gave them a thumbs down just because of the dislikes and not because of the quality of the video, which YouTube says is wrong. After much deliberation, the company therefore decided to make the metric private.

“We want to create an inclusive and respectful environment where creators have the opportunity to succeed and feel safe to express themselves. This is just one of the many steps we take to continue to protect creators from harassment. Our work is not over and we will continue here, “the network wrote.

Not all content is good and that’s fine

Karim has a problem with this explanation. “Why did YouTube decide to make a change that is generally rejected?” He asks in a newly revised caption of his 16-year-old zoo video. “It simply came to our notice then, but it’s not good. They would rather mention various studies instead. Studies that contradict the common sense of every youtuber, “he describes, without explaining the reason.

YouTube did refer to some research earlier, but the company reportedly found that small channels benefited from hiding the number of inches down.

But Karim describes the Dislay button as an expression of “crowd wisdom” that should not be interfered with. According to him, the intervention can break the whole system. “It simply came to our notice then. Does YouTube really want to be a place where everything is average? Because nothing can be great if nothing is bad, “believes the co-founder, recalling that on a network where content comes from users, it’s perfectly fine that there are bad videos. But according to him, people have a right to know that they came to the wrong video.

Karim’s critical words are unlikely to have any effect, YouTube has long been fully directed by Google. However, once again, the co-founder challenged a change that was also widely unpopular and eventually abandoned – Google once required people to have an account on the now-dead Google+ social network to post a comment. Even then, Karim described the video “Me at the Zoo”.

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