The Portuguese soccer live a complicated moment due to the match that took place on Saturday between Belenenses and Benfica, since the local team took the field with nine players due to a coronavirus outbreak, because neither the health authorities nor the organization decided to suspend it. The president of Benfica himself, former player Rui Costa, was among the first to react: “The two clubs were forced to play”He said at a press conference after the meeting.

The game came to the break with 0-7 and between the Belenenses field players two goalkeepers from the squad. The club had suffered an outbreak of COVID-19 that isolated 13 players, the coach, his assistants and two members of the coaching staff.

In the second half, Belenenses came out with only seven troops and in 46 a player was injured, so the match was suspended. It is “A black page in national football”Rui Costa stressed at the press conference.

No formal request

One of the unknowns focuses on knowing why the Portuguese League or the authorities of the Portuguese General Health Directorate (DGS) allowed the match to be played. The newspaper A Bola publishes that sources from the Portuguese League have assured them that Belenenses did not formally request the suspension of the match, although, according to the same source, there was a telephone request from the club.

At the moment, the Portuguese League has not ruled or issued any statement on the holding of the match. Meanwhile, the president of Belenenses, Rui Pedro Soares, assured after the meeting that yesterday afternoon they informed the Portugal League that they did not want to play the game.

According to Soares, the League responded that they had “Eight players fit to go to the game”Therefore, if they did not show up, they were committing an irregularity.

“What happened was a great shame, there is no regulation or calendar that justifies what happened”, the leader sentenced.

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