Sustentator is a national capital firm, with a management team with experience in the market, and that provides an engineering and development service for solar kits so that the user can generate their own electrical energy.

Among its technologies is mainly photovoltaic generation, which consists of electrical energy generated from solar panels, which can integrate the use of lithium batteries in places without a power grid or inject surplus energy into homes or offices that have a power grid.

YPF solar panel service station 2.jpg

It also sells solar water heaters for the use of sanitary hot water, solar pumps for the extraction of well water in fields and heat pumps for the air conditioning of water or heating of houses.

The installation of this type of energy solutions, where it is the consumer who generates their own energy, is a global trend, and is part of the strategy promoted by YPF to lead the energy transition.

To this challenge is added the incursion of the oil company in the generation of wind energy with the construction of three parks in Buenos Aires, Chubut and Santa Cruz, in the lithium value chain and in the more efficient production of hydrocarbons.

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