Yuriria: No delivery-reception has been made to María de los Ángeles López Bedolla

Guanajuato.- The current mayor of Yuriria María de los Ángeles López Bedolla, has not yet received the administration as indicated by the Superior Audit of the State of Guanajuato, reported.

In a statement, the state entity indicated that until Wednesday at three in the afternoon “the first ordinary session of the City Council has not been held, in which, among other acts, the delivery-reception is carried out ”.

The process was carried out in 45 municipalities since last October 10, indicated as mandatory in the Municipal Organic Law of the State.

In section three of article 44 it is indicated that this protocol “It may not stop being carried out, under any circumstances”, for the meeting there is still no date.

In the council room on Sunday there should have been 10 councilors but only four attended to carry out the act, 3 were missing from the PAN and the same number from the PRI.

The administration goes from PAN player Salomón Carmona Ayala to María de los Ángeles López Bedolla from Green party, color that dominates in two more municipalities (Huanímaro and San Felipe), where there was no problem in delivery-reception.

In Yuriria the delivery-reception was a problem during the first days of taking office by María de los Ángeles López Bedolla, without clear knowledge of the functionality of the town hall until the assigned telephone lines collapsed and were not assigned on time.

María de Los Ángeles López Bedolla repeats as mayor

Before the elections, Salomón Carmona Ayala, former mayor of Yuriria, pointed out that the PAN did not allow him to seek re-election, they turned their back on him and not even the party said what the reasons were.

On the other hand, María de Los Ángeles López Bedolla is mayor for the second time and was the first woman in the position from 2009 to 2012.

She is a member of the PVEM along with her husband Gerardo Gaviña, who was municipal president of Yuriria on two occasions.

The document to inform how the outgoing mayor leaves the previous administration, It contains the heading of transition expenses, the administrative provisions, the appointment of the committee to carry out the change of administrations.

They also point out pending municipal matters and minutes, the budgetary financial situation, the account and public debt, public works, federal and state resources spent, agreements, contracts and manuals, proprograms and projects, inventories of assets, lawsuits, registers, trusts and internal regulations.

The compilation of detailed information denotes alleged acts of corruption and the holes with which the PAN administration ends in that municipality, which the ASEG presents to the congress in case of detecting them.


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