Yuriria tourism: YuriCoco 'world's largest crocodile' attracted tourists from Mexico and the world, says former mayor

Yuriria, Guanajuato.- The famous ‘largest crocodile in the world’ that once caused a stir by being placed on the esplanade of the former convent of San Agustin To attract tourism to Yuriria, today he is lonely and cornered in a property on the edge of the urban area, waiting for what will happen to him.

Former mayor Solomon Carmona commented that he is negotiating with some people from Ixtapa Zihuatanejo interested in taking it to place it somewhere of interest to give it functionality and turn it into a tourist attraction.

“They are saying that I got money from the municipality to do it. I did not take a single penny from the town’s finances, I did that with my money. Before he became president, we began to build that crocodile. “, expressed Solomon Carmona.

He reiterated that he made that gigantic piece of metal and fiberglass, to show that tourism can be innovated in Yuriria.

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It attracted tourists even from other countries

The attraction that became popular at the time, attracted tourists from other states such as Querétaro, State of Mexico, Morelos, Mexico City, Jalisco, Nuevo León and even people from other countries like Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Panama, Costa Rica, Canada and the United States, indicated Solomon Carmona.

“I’m not saying that they came from Patagonia to see the crocodile. There were tourists who were in Mexico, when they heard the crocodile revolt they decided to go to Yuriria to see it “commented the former mayor.

85 thousand children were taken for free on the little train that passed through the interior of the mechanical reptile.

They leave it abandoned

He said that the mechanical attraction is his and belongs to him because he directly invested his own money in the construction of the crocodile, which is why he is negotiating for it to be used elsewhere.

The giant mechanical crocodile has been abandoned at the end of Villafuerte street for two years. It’s dusty and rusty from inclement weather.

Neighbors of the Villafuerte street They mention that there are those who still come to take a picture with this sculpture, such as motorcyclists and tourists who come from other parts.


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