Zabaleta confirmed that tomorrow there will be an announcement of "economic measures" by the Government - Télam

Zabaleta assured that “we listened to what people told us at the polls, and now we are going towards the total recovery of Argentina”

The Minister of Social Development, Juan Zabaleta, announced that the national government will present on Thursday a package of “economic measures” with an eye toward “the total recovery of Argentina”, after ensuring that the Executive must “correct and listen to the people “in light of what was expressed at the polls last Sunday, in the open, simultaneous and compulsory primaries (PASO).

“We have to correct, listen to the people without blaming and go out into the streets to military. Sunday’s defeat challenges the entire Frente de Todos. We have to stop blaming ourselves; we have to take charge and move forward”, said the official in statements made this morning to Radio 10

In this context, I announced that the announcements will be made by President Alberto Fernández: “He is going to announce the economic measures tomorrow. The vision we have is to protect and care for all Argentines,” he said.

“We have to go out and walk the streets, knock on doors, listen to people, go house to house, it’s a little less social network and more human contact. I have told Alberto (Fernndez), it is a little less tie and a little more streetHe is a very earthy President, ”he added.

“It must be recognized that there are Argentines and Argentines who are angry with us”

The former mayor of the Buenos Aires municipality of Hurlingham said that “we must recognize that there are Argentines who are angry with us” and stated that one of the reasons may be because “People expected to recover their finances much faster.”

At that point, he said: “We get it. We listen to the message from the polls and that is why we have to keep working ”and “Deepen the measures that the national government has been taking.”

“We listened to what people told us at the polls, and now we are going towards the total recovery of Argentina,” he stressed.

The holder of the social portfolio pointed out that the national government must “build an economy that goes forward and helps the people”, since “I care that we can reach every Argentine and Argentine, look at the economy from the people.”

In the same autocratic line, Zabaleta affirmed that “the government team has to go out to work” and maintained that, “obviously it was not enough because our people continue to have a hard time.”

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