Mikhail Zadornov with his wife Elena and daughter Lena.  Photo: personal archive.

Mikhail Zadornov with his wife Elena and daughter Lena. Photo: personal archive.

The widow of Mikhail Zadornov for the first time revealed the possible cause of her husband’s death. Elena Bombina became a guest of Boris Korchevnikov in his program “The Fate of a Man”. The writer passed away in 2017 at the age of 69 – he died of oncology. Doctors discovered he had a brain tumor. This diagnosis came as a complete surprise to the satirist and his family. Zadornov always led a very healthy lifestyle, did yoga, did not eat meat, was an optimist and infected everyone around him with his love of life. Suddenly he began to feel bad.

“He understood that something serious was happening to him,” the widow said.

Zadornov fell ill at the same time as his friend Dmitry Hvorostovsky. The famous opera singer was also diagnosed with a brain tumor. He survived Zadornov by only a few days, but fell ill earlier. Zadornov was horrified and said that people with his mental organization should not suffer so much.

Elena recalls that the treatment did not help. The satirist knew that he did not have long to live. It is difficult to understand why oncology begins. However, Bombina suggests that an old trauma may have caused the brain tumor. In 2006, Zadornov hit his head hard. Then the couple rested at a ski resort with Maxim Galkin.

– We went downhill skiing to Switzerland with Maxim Galkin. Mikhail is a racer by nature. He was glad that Galkin was coming with us. He refused to wear a protective helmet and equipment. We somehow easily moved from one cafe to another. And suddenly Zadornov disappeared from our field of vision, – said Elena.

While skiing, Zadornov fell and was badly hurt. He was brought by an instructor; the writer had a huge hematoma on his head.

– This disease is not amenable to analysis. Hvorostovsky and Friske did not receive head injuries, but they also fell ill, – said Bombina.

By the way, Zhanna Friske, who also died from a brain tumor, still had a head injury in the past. The singer’s father said that robbers somehow got into her apartment. They hit the artist on the head, which caused Jeanne to have a severe concussion.

Mikhail Zadornov and Elena Bombina began to live together in 1984. Elena was the satirist’s administrator. They had a daughter, Lena, the only child of a comedian. Now the 31-year-old heiress of Zadornov lives in Malta. Elena recently announced that she is married and is expecting a baby. The chosen one of the satirist’s daughter was a native of Lebanon, Ali Tartuzi.

Zadornov's daughter Elena married a Lebanese and is expecting a child.  Photo: Instagram.

Zadornov’s daughter Elena married a Lebanese and is expecting a child. Photo: Instagram.

Zadornov’s daughter inherited creative abilities from her father – she is an artist and poetess. On Instagram, Elena often shares her own poems. And now she described the events that happened in her life in poetic form. Apparently, Elena and her husband are expecting a daughter.

“Fate asked – Husband, Should I? Maiden Honor is fragile … Only a year has passed – They are Married … And they are waiting for their Firstborn in a Skirt, “wrote the satirist’s daughter.

Elena studied at GITIS, but left the institute a year later, realizing that she no longer wanted to be an actress. Having left for the capital of Malta, Valletta, Zadornova studied to be a sociologist and anthropologist, and for the soul she writes pictures and poetry. Elena earns her living by organizing holidays and events, as well as selling her own paintings. However, this is probably not her only income: Mikhail Zadornov was a fairly wealthy man and provided his family well.

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