To the specific question of who thwarted the operation, Zelensky answered tediously and confusingly

To the specific question of who thwarted the operation, Zelensky answered tediously and confused


In short, Zelensky’s version looks like this: he had a swindler-charlatan – the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who dragged Ukraine into an adventure with the arrest of 33 Russian citizens. And the president of the Square himself is not in business at all – he could not authorize such a risky plan.

“It was an operation called Burba, which, thank God, has already ended,” Zelensky called the name of the ex-head of the GUR.

To the specific question of who thwarted the operation, he answered tediously and confusedly. At some point, I even felt sorry for the journalists who were trying to grasp the essence.

“I asked for daily intelligence reports, I got it all, and we drew conclusions together. The information that we are talking about – no one has ever reported. Yes, there was information that there are Wagnerites, that different things are being prepared and that they are bandits. The things were common. But when all the scouts sat down, all the representatives, this information was not there. Next is the next step. Mr. Burba is well informed, and we received information about what he conveyed to whom – you must admit that it is difficult to isolate something specific in this stream of words.

Especially when the president suddenly suddenly jumps over to the topic of Afghanistan, now to the topic of covid, now to the topic of repairing the Burba residence, which cost 11 million hryvnia. It was evident that Zelensky did not want to answer on the merits. But he tried.

– Turkish Airlines – Erdogan should know? He (the head of the GUR) says: no. Erdogan would never forgive us for this! We did not carry out this operation, we were dragged into it, ”he said, referring to the Minsk-Istanbul flight, which was to be urgently landed in Kiev.

Zelensky says he did not approve of this plan, because civilians could die. Moreover, according to the president, Burba said: “It’s even good that people will die. It will be possible to blame these deaths on Russia. “

“I am discussing such things with Erdogan behind closed doors, and how he helps us, which is why I said that we did not carry out this operation,” Zelensky concluded.

And there is some truth in this. Because the special services of Ukraine were only a tool. And the operation was carried out by the US Central Intelligence Agency. And the decision to cancel the option with the landing of the liner was made not by Zelensky, but by the CIA curators in Kiev Timothy James Skovin and Brian Thomas O’Burn.

– At the final stage, at the suggestion of the Americans, an additional, more global, strategic goal appeared – to split the Belarusian-Russian relations. It was for this that the special services of Ukraine brought the group to Minsk and created conditions for its non-departure to Istanbul, – the officers of the Russian special services, who were unraveling this case, told me. – Already in the spring of 2020, it was decided to drag a group of conditional “Wagnerians” to Minsk and detain them with the hands of the special services of Belarus. The booking for tickets on the Minsk-Istanbul route for all 33 Russians with a departure date of July 25 was canceled from Kiev on July 20, four days before the Russians arrived in the capital of Belarus (there is documentary confirmation of the corresponding request from Turkish Airlines).

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