Zeze Motta
Zezé Motta (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Zeze Motta impressed the followers in his Instagram last Wednesday (22) when sharing photos in which she appears completely naked in the bathtub. In the records in shades of black and white, the 77-year-old actress appears all smiling taking a bubble bath.

On the first image, Zezé plastered a beautiful smile on his face as he posed for photographer Jorge Abud. Not to be banned by the social network, the famous covered her breasts with emojis. However, the actress surprised by leaving the detail on display in the next click.

“Good morning from the bathtub here at home for the book “The Awakening of the Brazilian Woman”. I wake up like this, almost every day, without losing my mood, ever!”, wrote Zezé Motta in the caption of the publication.

Soon, the artist’s post caught the attention of internet users and has already received more than 25 thousand likes. Furthermore, she was surrounded by numerous compliments and affectionate messages from fans and friends.

“Queen”, “Powerful woman”, “Simply wonderful”, “Beautiful, powerful, divine and full of axé”, “If there is more beautiful I don’t know, diva”, “What an icon! What an inspiration”, “Always wonderful”, “Sovereign soul”, were some reactions.

Sex life at 77 years old

On September 6, when the day of sex is celebrated, the actress Zezé Motta shared a post to talk about the subject. At the time, she commented that, at the age of 77, he doesn’t miss sexual relationships as much as he used to.

“In the last few years, I’ve spent a lot of time not having sex. I would never have imagined going a year or two without having sex in the past. Nowadays, I know this is possible. I may even miss it, but you can do without. I just miss sex because I do hormone replacement. I had a lot of trouble in the beginning. I’ve tried everything, like that little seal you put on your skin. I’ve been doing it since I went through menopause.”, she explained.

In another excerpt of the post, Zezé said that for many years, men confused her with her character Xica da Silva, and sought this sexual fantasy at the time of intercourse.

“Xica was a character that brought me problems, I had to do analysis. They confused person with character. It was complicated because I stayed in the male imagination with Xica and it took a while… I realized that it was a fantasy to have sex with Xica because there was this strong charge of the film, of the character who danced naked and drove men crazy.”, recalled the actress.

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