Kamir Aïnouz’s new film combines seduction and personal struggle, for a personal learning of desire.

1993, Neuilly-sur-Seine. Selma (Zoe Adjani) is 17 years old, she comes from a cultured and secular family, of Berber origin. After meeting Julien (Louis Peres), a provocative young man, the teenager realizes how much the traditions of patriarchy control her life and her privacy. In front of his parents (Amira marry and Lyes Salem), Selma will do everything to get her life back in hand, and finally satisfy her desires.

This is the synopsis of Honey cigar, new fiction from the screenwriter Kamir Aïnouz (LOL USA), which signs with this new film a story imbued with sensuality with political accents, as the trailer of the title shows.

Presented in 2020 at the Sundance festival, where his screenplay won the Screenwriters Lab, then at the Venice festival “Giornati di Autori” and at the Cineuropa festival, Honey cigar is finally a film on the discovery of the body and the self, carried by Zoé Adjani (Cherry), and that the public will be able to discover from October 6 in theaters.

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